• Problem

    There is a scarcity of practical information which consolidates the priorities and practicalities of planning your pop up shop. This can make the process overwhelming, time-consuming and more expensive than it needs to be, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

  • Solution

    With the right knowledge and information you can launch a pop up shop that your customers and community will love. A great pop up shop will enhance your brand and bring it to life. It is also a fantastic way for you to locate your brand in great retail spaces with lower outlay than a permanent space.

  • Benefits

    To have a successful pop up shop you need to plan comprehensively before you get started. The insights, practical information and first-hand advice you will receive from this course will enable you to save time, keep costs down and help you to make your concept store the best it can be.

This course contains knowledge and experience gained from having thousands of customers come through our doors in our London and Amsterdam pop up shops.

Course modules

  • 1


    • What is Janet's List?

    • What we will cover in this course

    • What are the benefits of having a pop up?

  • 2

    How ready are you to launch your pop up?

    • Setting your vision and establishing your goals

    • How ready are you to launch your pop up?

    • Do you have brand strength?

    • What is your budget and do you have access to pop up space?

  • 3

    How to secure your pop up space.

    • How I decide on location and discussions with landlords

    • How I decide between shop options

    • Factors I take into consideration | internal and external

    • Questions to ask when you are serious about booking a space

  • 4

    How to get customers to come to your pop up

    • Overview

    • PR support

    • Working with influencers

    • Events

    • Email newsletters

    • Social media - overview

    • Social media - what we do

    • One to one emails and leveraging networks

  • 5

    How to plan and prepare for your pop up

    • Overview

    • Building your team

    • Sorting out your inventory

    • Payment points and Wifi

    • Planning and designing your space

    • Branding and merchandise | checklist

  • 6

    Running your pop up shop | top tips and tricks

    • Getting keys to open doors!

    • Setting up your space & stock room

    • Creating a vibe in your space

    • Running the shop | quick tips

    • Taking down the pop up

  • 7

    Evaluating your pop up shop

    • Evaluating your pop up | quick tips

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'Janet's List is a very professional and well organised brand'


"The Janet's List Amsterdam Pop Up was a wonderful opportunity to take Colourshot out of the UK, and transport it to Europe in a high-profile and very stylish way. It was wonderful to see the vibrant black community that exists in Amsterdam, and the happiness with which the pop-up was received. The actual practicalities of being part of the pop-up went as smooth as butter; Janet's List is very a professional and well organised brand"

'Being part of the Amsterdam pop up store exceeded our expectations'

Books by Ani

"Being part of the Amsterdam Pop Up store exceeded our expectations and was fantastic value for money. We got a chance to see how the community responded to our product, received social media attention, advice from experts such as Janet herself and much, much more, Throughout the experience we felt supported and part of a community; we'd do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much Janet!"

'Working with the JL team was totally stress-free"

by Adinkra Yoga

"Being involved in the first Janet’s List pop up has been an incredible experience. To see the platform come to life, and to see the press and the public engage so fully has been inspiring, and is proof of just how needed this kind of activity is. Working with the JL team was totally stress-free, and their commitment to each of the brands and their founders was clear. I would 100% recommend working with Janet and the team to any founder, at any stage of their business".

'Everything had been carefully designed'

Hyphen London

"Janet was very professional and the whole process was very well managed. Everything had been carefully designed and put together in terms of the physical space which is why we think it was so successful. We definitely enjoyed taking part in the pop up this year and definitely look forward to working with Janet again"

"I always get great results"

Equi Botanics

"I just love Janet and her team! They are very professional, process of dropping and picking up stock is always stream-lined. They also go above and beyond by trying out products so that when they sell, they sell from their heart. I always get great results when I participate with Janet on her concept stores, which is always :-)"

'The communication was excellent, all information needed was laid out clearly, the location was lovely, and the store was decorated beautifully'


"Being a part of Janet's List Concept store was a lovely experience from the very first email to the day the store closed. The communication was excellent, all information needed was laid out clearly, the location was lovely, and the store was decorated beautifully. I felt like my products were in very capable hands with people who are passionate about seeing small businesses, let alone WOC businesses thrive in the market. What more can I say, I'm glad to have been a part JL Concept store and look forward to what else Janet has in store"

"There was great attention to detail"

Afropuff Ltd

"I really enjoyed the professionalism of the JL team. I felt the customers received a really warm welcome when they entered the store and the team was knowledgeable about all the items and enthusiastic when promoting. The logistics of getting the stock to and from the store were seamless and there was great attention to detail in the little things such as our names on the shop window, the stand for taking photos and therefore further promotion and just the general colour scheme of the shop was tied together nicely and led to a homely feel. Well done team! I was really proud to put my name to this"

'Janet is fantastically well organised, focused and has an incisive way of seeing how a brand could work'

Phera Bags

"Taking part in Janet's List Concept Store (for the second time) has first of all taken me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to expand my view of brand. Janet is fantastically well organised, focused and has an incisive way of seeing how a brand could work. This has been a great experience. Thanks Janet"



Janet Oganah

Janet Oganah is a former barrister and the founder of Janet's List. Janet’s List is a curated platform that helps people discover and buy from independent brands by black women and women of colour from the U.K. Janet's List has had pop up concept stores in London and Amsterdam, featuring 35+ brands and thousands of customers. Janet recently curated the first ever virtual marketplace for the 24 hour WOW Global Festival. Grazia magazine recently included Janet's List in its list of '21 of the best known black businesses to support'.


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for anyone who is thinking of creating and launching your first pop up shop. If you have had pop ups in the past, and you'd like to fill in any gaps in your knowledge, you will also benefit from this course. This course won't make you a pop up expert. However once you complete it, you will have all the essential information and insight to assist you to create and launch your pop up.

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have access to this course for up to 3 years from the date you enrol on this course.

  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    As this course is self-paced, you can start and finish whenever you like, within the three year window. I highly recommend completing the course in the order that it is set out where possible. I recognise that people will be working at a different pace depending on the pop up projects they have in mind so this allows for all the possibilities.

  • Will you be available for advice and questions?

    I have made this course as comprehensive and watertight as possible and as such I won't be available for individual requests for advice. Of course, you will have questions that come up as the course is not exhaustive - the topics relevant to pop ups are broad and wide ranging. I will be sharing bonus content periodically to specifically answer questions students raise. As people will be completing the course in their own time and to different timescales, it is much better suited to the self-paced approach and is priced accordingly. The information in the course will enable you to focus on making considered decisions at every step of your journey to creating and launching your pop up. I will also share additional information via the email newsletter and on social media.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    If you have specific questions about the content or value of the course before you sign up, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email. I will be happy to help you decide if this course is useful to you as we will not be offering refunds.

  • Who do I contact if I need technical support?

    Once you enrol, you will be provided with details via email with contact details. If any technical issues arise, either myself or someone in my team will respond as quickly as possible. Our office hours are 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, GMT.